All About Me

A Statement Of Principles

About Me

Popular opinion has it that I’m generally a fine fellow. My vices are small, harmless and of little consequence. I love my family, small children and big dogs but not necessarily always in that order (it depends).

While usually quite docile, if provoked I have been known to bite. (public advisory: Do not poke the bear).

What I Do

  • I write.
  • I analyze what it means to write.
  • I examine what it means to lead a moral, ethical life.
  • To the best of my abilities, I try to adhere to those standards.
  • I try to discover why I so often fall short of those noble goals.
  • I observe and attempt to communicate the essence of what I have seen.
  • I give with no expectation of return.
  • I pay my taxes and honour the flag.

What I Do Not Do

  • I do not hate.
  • I do not judge.
  • I do not belittle.
  • I do not disparage.
  • I do not discriminate.
  • I do not harm (with malice).
  • I do not tolerate cruelty in any form.
  • I do not intentionally scare small children.
  • I do not kick dogs or other animals (but will occasionally make exceptions for cats).

4 responses to “All About Me”

  1. You are all the things that you mentioned. You have a beautiful heart (inside and out) You have worked hard all your life and ask nothing in return. Auntie Nance used to talk about you so proudly.

    I am so happy that we are related and I am so happy that I can call you my friend as well as cousin. I wish you nothing but good in your life David, God knows that you really do deserve it.

    Have a great, wonderful, happy and healthy life my friend.

    All the Best

    Cousin Nellie


    1. Dear cousin Nell,

      Until I received this email I wasn’t really certain that it was you. I’ve had comments on my posts that seemed to be from unknown sources and at first thought that HELEN PICKUP might be from someone who hacked my Contacts list. Believe it or not, I once had a money-scam call from someone pretending to be Dave Redmon.

      I am delighted to know that YOU are YOU.

      Family connections are too precious to lose. It gladdens my heart that we are reconnected. I hope and pray that you & Jeff are well. I know that (my) Helen and you exchange Christmas cards and that is a small blessing. My sister & I chat at least every other day and I keep her and her children and grandchildren up-to-date on happenings in the Black household.

      I have built & maintain a number of websites, the purpose of which are to preserve and share the many Black and Thomson photographic and documentary resources that I have. I felt an obligation to ensure that they are not lost, that they are handed down to future generations so that they know who they are and where they came from.

      Like Lisa (Thomson), I’ve dug deeply into our genealogy and we’ve exchanged much information. I have records on the Black side stretching back to 1757. There is still one distant cousin left in Scotland that I speak to, the rest are sadly gone. On the Thompson side there is nobody that I know of over home. But I have explored all the leads that I can and they all point back to Buckhaven, Fife, Scotland. Both the Blacks & Thomsons originated in that tiny village. We come from very humble roots, the Thomsons all being coal miners.

      The starting point for family exploration starts here:

      The Family Gateway

      This contains over 350 photos and many documents, including the 1920 passport the brought the Thomsons to Canada.

      And here is the address that focuses on the photo galleries.


      As you may know from Helen’s Facebook page, I have 3 delightful granddaughters, Jaclyn, Julie and Cecilia. They are the light of my life.
      Cecilia & Mum and Dad live in New Brunswick. I’ll be going to visit them next month. Jennifer, John and their 2 live nearby in Scarborough. Lauren & her partner live in Cambridge.

      I’ve had a number of serious health issues, but otherwise I’m still kicking.

      So let’s start a real dialogue. I’m looking forward to it.



  2. You are indeed a fine fellow my friend and I am glad to know you.


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