All About Me

A Statement Of Principles

About Me

Popular opinion has it that I’m generally a fine fellow. My vices are small, harmless and of little consequence. I love my family, small children and big dogs but not necessarily always in that order (it depends).

While usually quite docile, if provoked I have been known to bite. (public advisory: Do not poke the bear).

What I Do

  • I write.
  • I analyze what it means to write.
  • I examine what it means to lead a moral, ethical life.
  • To the best of my abilities, I try to adhere to those standards.
  • I try to discover why I so often fall short of those noble goals.
  • I observe and attempt to communicate the essence of what I have seen.
  • I give with no expectation of return.
  • I pay my taxes and honour the flag.

What I Do Not Do

  • I do not hate.
  • I do not judge.
  • I do not belittle.
  • I do not disparage.
  • I do not discriminate.
  • I do not harm (with malice).
  • I do not tolerate cruelty in any form.
  • I do not intentionally scare small children.
  • I do not kick dogs or other animals (but will occasionally make exceptions for cats).

2 responses to “All About Me”

  1. You are indeed a fine fellow my friend and I am glad to know you.


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