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This has developed into a multi-media adventure with images, slideshows, music and spoken audio pieces. It is all meant to be engaging, entertaining and informative. I hope you enjoy the trip.

Click on the image below for a brief rundown on my Statement of Principles.

(Statement of Principles)

But there you have it, a small (relatively speaking) collection of strange and often disjointed thoughts, themes, occurrences and observations that I’ve written down over the last decade or so. I’ve tried to keep things light-hearted, but some subjects drift into the realm of grim reality. It can’t be helped. It’s life, all shapes & sizes, all flavours & colours. But even so, that can be entertaining too.

There are four branches to this site. The first will take you to the Family Resource Centre. Here you will find a collection of photos, documents and other trivia related to the Black/Thomson family story.

Click on the image below to follow that path which begins in Buckhaven, Fife, Scotland.

Family Resource Centre
My Blog

The second path takes you to my blog, essentially my diary laid open for all to see. I make no apologies. All of the words are mine, except where noted. The images, I’ve stolen from many sources and for that, I will offer a blanket “mea culpa”.

Click on the image below to explore the ramblings of a demented soul.

For a more concise summary of my posts go here.

My Blogspot Site

The Blog link above is incomplete and does not cover the entire range of my work.

So there is a third path for you to explore. While there is some overlap, it represents a more complete picture of my efforts.


I can offer you a fourth option.

I have a site called ‘Palimpsest‘.

Palimpsest is my showcase site. This is for innovation and works that I think are of particular interest. I push the boundaries of what is possible and expand my knowledge of the apps I’m using, hoping to improve the experience.

Palimpsest – an example

And finally, my collection of die-cast metal cars.

Click on the image below.

My Toys

Click on the arrow to the right to return to Palimpsest.

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