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Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Folly


Thus we had a deck. I also had the smallest of wounds – just one among many – barely visible and of no apparent consequence.

In fact, the fifth digit (baby finger, pinkie, whatever) of my right hand was invaded by a bacterium or possible venom, that was worthy of a Star Trek episode and like attempts to oppose the Borg, resistance was futile. By Sunday midnight, from an initial site on the back of an already arthritic knuckle, it grew in 12 hours from a barely perceptible nick to a suppurating, throbbing, red-purple-yellow mass that was marching up the finger and invading the hand. Pain took on a new definition. The battle line between evil red and healthy white was clearly defined and the “Good Guys” were losing.

Oral antibiotics and surface creams were ineffective. Circumstances conspired such that I was unable to get to a hospital before Wednesday afternoon. Before freezing my hand, the doctor said “This is going to hurt a bit.” He was either a master of understatement or a sadistic monster. The injections into the base of the knuckle opened my eyes on multiple levels. He sliced & diced the wound while I looked the other way and, when my finger was so much sushi, he announced that I/V antibiotics and a session with the hospital’s surgery clinic was in order.

So now I’m stabbed, injected, medicated and pumped regularly by an automatic device that I carry on my hip and I seem to be healing quite well, Thank You Very Much.

It hurt a lot.
I only cried a little.
I’m healing steadily.
I’m grateful for any sympathy you care to offer.

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