I was asked to review and comment on a Messenger posting that pointed to an article by a Doctor Carrie Madej. 

I looked at it. I pondered it. I considered it.  

To be fair, here is the link for your consideration.

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        Presentation By Doctor Carrie Madej

I followed some of the leads that the content suggested and here are my conclusions.

“The minute the words “New World Order” cropped up, alarms began ringing. This is a common rallying cry of the current batch of conspiracy theorists. The simple fact that she was a featured speaker at Trump’s Jan 6th rally is reason enough to discount her claims. Her list of supporters and adherents is a who’s who of questionable characters. Her theory about subversive nano-technology biots in the Covid vaccine that target our DNA with the intent to alter it in order to control our thoughts and actions is without foundation and frankly absurd. It is a tool that is used only in the lab to help study the virus’s growth and mutation. Nowhere does the literature suggest that humans will be the unwitting host for this tool. She has been banished from YouTube and has fled her Georgia home to the Dominican Republic, seemingly to escape the wrath of the AMA and the CDC. Hopefully, the WHO will take action to counteract her influence and rein in her bizarre public pronouncements.
Our health care system in Canada makes no substantial profit from the current flood of Covid patients. Doctors’ fees are fixed and patients bear no cost, so her suggestion that the medical profession is promoting pandemic panic for profit is spurious to say the least. Yet as proof of the serious universal nature of this pandemic, our ICU wards are full to overflowing, elective surgery is being postponed and serious treatments for heart disease and cancer must wait. This is not just a case of the medical profession, the media, the politicians and big business colluding for the sake of profit and power. Our systems do not work that way. Yet people are dying, both of Covid-19 and non-Covid reasons due to the pressures imposed by the pandemic. A white lab coat and a stethoscope are not sufficient qualifications to be making these claims. You asked for an open mind and an informed response. There is no New World Order and no cabal of left or right-wing plotters secretly planning to dominate the world. You asked for it. You have it.

Lesson  #94 – New World Order

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