(A dialogue with Don)

Dear Pastor Don,

Thank you for the time and consideration. The metaphor was not to imply religiosity, nor was it meant to be a parable, nor a sermon. I am as far from being a religious person in any orthodox sense as it is possible to be.  Religion does presume belief, right?  But belief eludes me.  So I will confess to being merely spiritual.

I was trying to find common ground to explain both my reasoning and my predicament.  I was not trying to suggest that this was the only field where I could approach you.  But it seemed an appropriate place to start.  My interests are wide-ranging, broad but not deep.  It’s good to stretch those muscles again, so little opportunity, so little time.  But I still find the answer elusive, all this bending and so many trees.  When does hope become despair?

I do recall having once been saved, but only after having been thoroughly broken, so maybe you have something there.  But I still carry the wounds.

There used to be a watering hole in downtown TO (don’t know if it’s still there) called Sin & Redemption as if these were opposite ends of the same string.  Sin is what brought you here; Redemption is what you leave with.  Perhaps there is a process that occurs within its walls that effects the change.  Still searching for the magic that turns sows’ ears into silk purses, a raw block of marble into a David.

Thanks once again,

     Still a sow’s ear

Lesson #63 – A Sow’s Ear

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