(a dialogue with Don)

Dear Pastor Don,

The journey to wellness in a nutshell, indeed. A very clever pun. You’re implying that there is hope, redemption, maybe even salvation for the broken trees among us. But a tree too long in a state of disrepair, left without nourishment and hidden from sunlight is usually pruned or even uprooted. It all depends on the soil that nurtured it, the nature of the rot that has infected it, and the capricious wind. Mathew 13 has a few things to say about seeds and trees, (maybe not trees, but wheat or other grains). Most of it is pretty upbeat, but there are some dark threads in there too. All trees will grow according to their seed, but not all will flourish. Some are blessed and some are doomed. Fate. Karma. Zen. Predestination. It can all be a bit depressing. Roll the dice and pray for the best.

The hope is that BRIDGE will shine a little light, sprinkle a little water in places where those things are denied. Those who are in this group did not choose to be in such need. But we all identified a missing piece, a deficiency in our lives. So, as the Covid refrain goes, “We’re all in this together”. 

Maybe I should be looking somewhere else.

Lesson #61 – Mathew 13

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