Like all talented thieves, you don’t see this one coming and you’re not aware it is gone until you start looking for whatever has been taken.  Then, it’s generally too late.    Depression is like that, sneaky and stealthy.  I have witnessed it in the first, second and third persons.  To know it in the first person is to taste ashes.  It is a robber of souls taking not that which is most valuable, but that which is most vital.

In the second person, watching it steal the heart of one you love, it is an act of cold brutality.  It cuts slowly and relentlessly, without compassion.  It wicks away at their light, grinning at you standing by in dream-like paralysis.  It is a capering demon.

In the third person, depression infects communities, devouring the bonds that once joined them.  They remain together, but as vulnerable targets, the glue that once gave them strength, dissolved by depression’s thievery.

Lesson #21 – Depression Is A Thief

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