The rotator cuff of my right shoulder feels like some dangerous kitchen device, all blades and teeth.  The protest of my neck’s C4 and C5 will not be silenced by any amount of forced relaxation exercises, pain re-focusing techniques or Zen.  It descends by degrees through elbow to wrist, sliding from pain to ache to finally, dull pulsing throb in the final joints of four out of five fingers (How did my index finger escape?).
The idea of ripping my right arm out at the shoulder is starting to gain some appeal.  Sure, it might hurt a bit at first, but I’d get over that and then I’d be done with it.  There would still be one good arm to work with.  I would evermore have a valid excuse for not taking the trash to the curb and then there’s all that sympathy.  
But there’s that first nagging hint of discomfort in the left shoulder, almost a pain, and as one thing is sure to lead to another, I’d soon be without a finger to pick my nose.  And even if it never led to that extreme, even parting with one, there’s still that issue of “phantom pain  “.  Is there really such a thing?

Lesson #15 – How Can I Make You Understand?

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