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Christmas 2019 – Invocation.

I find myself in the enviable position, along with my sister, of being one of the elders of this unruly tribe.   By virtue of my years, I have become the “old man” of the family and given a degree of respect that I certainly haven’t earned and likely don’t deserve. However, I’ve been asked to offer a blessing on this Christmas celebration. But I find myself inadequate to the occasion, and unqualified for the task.  I cannot call down a grace to bless this food and drink as you might expect. It is neither in my nature nor part of my beliefs.  I won’t be such a hypocrite as to presume upon your expectations in that way. But I will ask that you all take a moment to reflect on the various journeys that brought you here, the unbroken chain from father to son, mother to daughter, often a tortuous and winding road with detours and missteps along the way. But here we all are, together, safe and secure in the company of those we love.   For that, we may give thanks. There is food on the table, cups in our hands and we have each other – and for that, we may give thanks. And yet, take another moment, please to consider this: So many do not. So many are lonely, hungry, and afraid. No one to feed and comfort them; no one to give them shelter.    Give a thought for them, the least among us; for they are not so very far away and do what your heart tells you that you must.   Do not forget them.

Now look down into the faces of the very young among us here today.  Look deeply into the faces of your sons and daughters and give thanks, for this is the only immortality that you may be assured of.  They are our hope and perhaps our salvation and it is good to reflect upon that at this time of year and throughout all the years ahead.

So, Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New year

to each and every one of you.

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