Lesson #41 – Other Days

You Must Do This! You Must Do That!! You Must Do The Other Thing!!!

Ahhh ,,, No.   Don’t think so. There’ll be other days and other days.  Other days for this, other days for that, and other days for other things.  That’s called hope.  The basis of salvation so I’m told.  The hope, the certainty, that all your tomorrows lie ahead of you. The life everlasting. Blessed be the procrastinators for they shall have low blood pressure.  And have time to savour the moment of “now”.  If you cannot appreciate the “now” then you really are wasting your time  Pack it up and go home.  Game over.  If you can take pleasure in what you are doing “now”, then the prospect of tomorrow and tomorrow becomes bearable.  An opportunity to savour that “now” over and over again. You may have achieved the perfect Groundhog Day.  I guess it’s a matter of priorities and wisely choosing your “now” activity.  I’ve said it before and it bears repeating, your Must Do does not equate to my Must Do.  So leave me to my own “now” and try not to judge.  I’ll do your Must Do tomorrow, if I feel like it, maybe, if you’re lucky. And to repeat, choose your activities for “now” wisely.  When you’re old enough to be classified senior, but not yet venerable, you should know what you want.  Sitting on a park bench whittling on a piece of wood can be the best use of your time.  Or surrounding yourself with your favourite tunes and a cup of coffee near at hand.  Or close your eyes and soak up the sun.  The need to DO something is a matter of interpretation.  I AM doing something.  Communing with nature, with God, or my inner Zen is something.  It is more nourishing than steak done medium-rare or a healthy dram of single malt 20-year-old scotch.  Believe it or not, it can even be more satisfying than sex, usually. So leave me to it. 

There will always be other days and other days.

Until there isn’t.

Lesson #41 – Other Days

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