A disturbing question that deserves serious consideration.

I ask myself: Is the present condition truly intolerable?

What if?  What if?  If only?  

Where’s the profit?  What’s the gain? 

Will I lose what I have if I gain what I want?

A precarious balance on a knife’s edge.

Two verities. One coin, two sides. One without the other?

Balance in tension.

What if that is what keeps the edge on my blade?

What I want is temporal.  What I have is ephemeral.

What is the question?

One without the other?

What shall it profit to gain one but lose the other?

(Mark 8:36    Mathew 16:26)

Yin and Yang.

The world lies beyond these pages.  

My heart is within these pages.

I may have just arrived at a conclusion.

What shall it profit?

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