The Shameless Thief of Bloggerland

In illustrating my blog posts, I am a shameless thief.  I steal and plunder images with no regard for attribution. If the shoe fits, wear it. If not, then steal another shoe.  Some posts speak for themselves and need no embellishment or maybe no image comes to mind. Others scream for a suitable icon.  I may Google a phrase or idea in the piece and search for an image that suits the topic.  Clip and crop and in it goes.  

The post may be inspired by an image I have in mind. Or I may scour my own large collection of photos and snip a piece to head the entry.No matter. Since my blog is not in the public domain and I share it with a very limited number of folks, I feel relatively safe. There is always the risk of an entry escaping my close circle, like a breach in isolation protocols and the good people at Blogger may come down on me, but I’ll risk it.

If I can spare myself a thousand words with a single image, then I feel the thievery is justified. If a user posts an image, then it’s already a stolen object. It had to come from somewhere, right? If I knick it again, then where’s the harm? I’ll pay my dues with a blanket  “Mea Culpa” and a “Thank You” to all my victims past, present and future,,,

and then get on with it.

The Shameless Thief

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