The startled look on a child’s face at the discovery of something new.
A moment of peace and quiet in a world of chaos and noise.
Helping someone in dire need and actually making a difference.
Finding that eureka moment at trail’s end of frustration.
Music that strikes a sympathetic chord within the heart.
Reaching out in the dark to find an outstretched hand.
The day’s end in a fiery blaze of reds and crimsons.
A cloudless night sky filled with a galaxy of stars.
Sun edging back the early morning’s frost.
Preparing that morning’s first coffee.
The knowledge that all is forgiven.
The sound of spring’s first robin.
Setting out and coming home.
A baby, any species, suckling.
That which was lost is found.
Making someone else smile.
Beginnings and endings.
A double rainbow.
Making a list of that which brings joy to me.

Making a list of that which brings joy to others.


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