From the time we exit the womb, we consume our borrowed capital and, I might add, an escalating interest rate.  If you don’t start paying off the principal, you soon begin to sink. How do you keep your head above water? Invest what you have. Invest in the betterment of others.  Invest in personal infrastructure.  Invest in social infrastructure. Invest in global infrastructure. Returns will accrue.   Invest in environment.  Invest in education, healthcare, housing, meaningful productivity, in the welfare of your neighbour. Invest in not just education, but in learning.

There is a difference. Learning will benefit all the other needs. It just takes a bit longer to trickle down – teach a man to fish, etc. Invest, reap rewards, then re-invest. When born we have a vast amount of capital.  We tend to gobble it up quickly. We have a propensity to waste it. Then we start borrowing. It’s a sad life that hasn’t at least broken even by the end.  Dickens’  image of “the weight of heavy chain you bear” is ponderous indeed. I try to intervene when I see injustice. I promote the good and condemn the bad.  How? I write about it, give voice to what I see, hear and feel.  It’s a pittance compared to real action, but all that I have to offer.  Perhaps I can spark others to action.  A propaganda minister for the department of conscience. ( See my post on Hubris ).

Over the years I may have borrowed more than I can repay. However, I invest what I am able and I nibble at the principle. I sit, huddled over my virtual desk with my digital pen and cloud-based paper to do the best that I can.

Borrowed Time

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