Noun. Verb. Adverb. Adjective. Pronoun. Conjunction.

That’s just a few of the nuts and bolts.  

Declarative. Interrogative. Simile. Metaphor. 

Those are just a few chapters in the instruction manual.

So many ways to put them all together and I’ve only scratched the surface.

The object is to put my thought into your head without screwing it up, the thought that is.  I can accept no responsibility for what is in your head, nor would I want to.  My intention is to create a reasonable facsimile, a Vulcan mind-meld.  That’s the very best I can hope for.  The worst?  A puzzled look and a quick trip to the insane asylum.  But this is my path.  My adventure for my remaining time.

I’ve tried to hone this business of putting nouns before verbs.  It’s taken a long time and I’m no closer to the razor’s edge than when I began.  I want my style to be conversational and pleasant to the ear.  Let me be a latter-day Will Rogers?  I don’t want to berate or harangue, or God forbid, preach.  I see and I hear so many things that are good and beautiful and true.  I want to make sense of them, first in my own head, and then share them with any who care to see or read or even listen.  That is my validation (see lesson #105), my purpose, my goal or maybe even my mission, first to organize the jumble between my ears, then to convey that joy or beauty or insight to others.  After another extended stay in the care of these Angels of Mercy, I made it my goal to make everyone who left my room happier than when they entered.  Somewhere between then and now I seem to have lost my way.  How often can you beat your head against a wall before it starts to hurt?

But time has allowed me the chance to refocus my sight, even through the eyes of others.  I’ve made a pledge to locate my inner Zen, my chakra, that place that is open to everything, without fear or anger or judgement.  

If that sounds like meditative fairy crap, so be it. 

Lesson #106 – Nouns Before Verbs

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