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A House is a collection of things.  Many things are old and precious, reminders of times and events long passed.  These things are hard to part with but live on in memory and never fade.  A great many things are those that have simply accumulated over the years and are in need of being cast out.  Cobwebs in the corner, dust on the ledge.  These are things of no consequence and easily tossed aside.  Over a lifetime, Houses come and go.  Four walls and a roof are exchanged for another four walls and a roof.  Life goes on.

A Home is a collection of memories, of people, of things that are intangible and so cannot be destroyed. You carry your Home wherever you go.  It is a sense, a feeling, a warm blanket around your shoulders when the snow is deep and the wind bitter.  It is family.  It is friends.  Home is indestructible.

Just as a tree can be cut down, its roots remain.  

You never lose your Home.

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